Mercies began in 2009 as a creative outlet for Los Angeles-based musician, Josh Rheault, and Boston-based drummer/composer, Sammy Dent. After parting ways with their former band, The Dear Hunter, Josh began exchanging demos with Sammy and shortly after returned home to rural north-central Connecticut to continue writing. Tucked into this simple and forest-filled landscape was an old tobacco barn that Josh and his family began restoring into a recording/rehearsal space. By the end of 2010, “The Barn” was finished, Mercies’ debut LP, Three Thousand Days was recorded, and they played their first show at Penn State. Since then the band has toured extensively around the US, made multiple trips to CMJ and SXSW, released The Ballet EP and two-song single, Vultures, and most recently relocated back to Los Angeles. A sophomore LP entitled Blue Against Green will be released on Randm Records January 20, 2015. Have Mercies.